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Bottom trawls

A wide range of bottom trawl designs

Vónin is one of the North Atlantic region’s leading bottom trawl manufacturers. Our bottom trawls have been in constant development over many years, and we offer a wide range of bottom trawl designs – from high-lift to wide spreading gears – from multi-purpose gears to trawls designed to target specific species.

Our bottom trawls are used on trawlers ranging from small coastal vessels all the way up to the large factory trawlers working multi-rig gear.

Bottom trawls from Vónin are used in as diverse fishing grounds as the Barents Sea, off eastern Russia, off the east and west coasts of Greenland, in the Flemish Cap, off Newfoundland and Labrador and elsewhere off Canada.

Advantages with Fortis

The Fortis netting has been developed with a combination of outstanding strength and stiffness to provide opportunities for scaling down twine sizes in trawl gears. Using Fortis netting gives you the options of sticking with the same trawl dimensions but with reduced drag – or increasing the trawl’s size without affecting the overall water resistance.

Documented sea trials to compare trawl gears have demonstrated that Fortis netting results in a better flow of water through the gear, and our customers who have switched to this netting are all reporting better catch rates with Fortis gear.


Vónin shrimp and bottom trawls are based on designs to have very good bottom contact and superb waterflow.


Vónin has always taken pride in its netloft skills. This is the craftsmanship that even in this age of automation can’t be replaced


Alongside its traditional skills, Vónin’s experience is that using quality materials also pays off in the long term.


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