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Vónin Monkfish

Extra long footrope

Effective bottom trawl for smooth grounds specially designed to catch Monkfish

As the name indicates the Vónin Monkfish trawl is specially designed to catch Monkfish and is especially effective on smooth grounds. The Monkfish trawl has an extra long footrope, low height and very long wing ends. These features give the Monkfish trawl a very long spread between the wing tips and a maximized spread.

It can be used with ultra-short bridles to bring the doors right in to the wing ends, which boosts the trawl’s horizontal opening even further. This trawl is available in single-, double- or triple belly versions.

Increased catch

When vessel owners have switched from conventional flatfish trawls to the Vónin Monkfish trawl they have increased their catch of Monkfish significantly. The Vónin Monkfish trawls are used with great results in both single and pair-trawling. We can also deliver the trawls with spider web chains in front of the trawl.

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