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It all started in 1969…

…and today Vónin is a major developer and manufacturer of high quality fishing gear and aquaculture equipment with branches in Norway, Greenland and Canada, plus a production facility in Lithuania, in addition to several specialised locations in the Faroe Islands and a highly international client base.

What started in 1969 as a venture to produce fishing equipment for the local fleet, set up by a group of fishermen, Vónin has grown into one of the Islands’ major exporters as its focus expanded from working solely with the home fleet. Vónin has developed from relatively modest local roots, into a highly specialised and genuinely international operation with a wealth of expertise and experience behind it. 


Vónin was founded in 1969

by Olaf Olsen, Jákup Oluf á Lakjuni, Otto Dam, Janus av Reyni and Sámal G. Jacobsen as they acquired the trawler they named Vónin


Opened a net loft in Fuglafjørður


Opened a net loft in Tórshavn


Built a new net loft and flume tank in Fuglafjørður


Started to produce aquaculture products


Opened a department in Newfoundland


Built a new net loft in Tórshavn


Acquired the net loft from Polar Seafood in Greenland


Faroese company of the year


Acquired the net loft from Royal Greenland


Acquired local netloft in Norðskála


Merged with RFG in Norway, now called Vónin Refa


Opened sales office in Russia


Faroese company of the year


Built a production plant in Lithuania


Built a new net loft and Head Office in Fuglafjørður


Opened sales office in Far East Russia


Extended the plant at Norðskála


Acquired engineering and design company Volu Ventis

Focus on innovation and quality

As fisheries and aquaculture have become increasingly more demanding and competitive industries, Vónin has responded by developing hard-wearing, high-strength materials to its own specifications, developing its own range of reliable products. By working closely together with the industry we have attained a high level of product quality, and we are very proud of our achievements.

As we have always done, all innovation and trials are undertaken in close co-operation with the industry so that the ideas coming from either our highly skilled staff or the clients themselves can be considered, tried in our computer simulators and then scaled down to be tried in flume tanks. When we feel that we have reached an optimal result, the designs and the products are tested out at sea by our own experts and experienced clients.

Innovative designs

Reliable materials

Specialized workmanship

Tailor-made solutions


Vónin has a longstanding commitment to minimizing waste in its own production, as well as providing its customers with gear that will last – which consequently results in keeping waste to the lowest possible level.

Our aim is to supply the highest quality products that function with maximum efficiency, therefore allowing fishing companies to keep fuel consumption and therefore emissions as low as possible. As we increase our focus on sustainability, we are also placing an ever greater emphasis on being part of a supply chain that produces minimal waste of resources in return for maximum production of protein from the sea.

It’s important to us to play a part in preserving the environment for generations to come and to make the best possible use of the finite resources at our disposal.

Every year Vónin ships a substantial volume of end-of-life aquaculture equipment and fishing gear for recycling and re-use. 


Material collected by the Vónin group in co-operation with clients in 2023

Purse seine nets
and similar material

37.575 kg

sent to polivektris.lt

Fishfarming nets,
fishing nets and ropes

753.049 kg

sent to nofir.no

Trawls, buoys and
other plastics

259.760 kg

sent to plastixglobal.com

Trawl doors and
other metals

36.900 kg

sent to metallco.com
and hjhansen.dk

Environmental benefits

Of 753.049 kg recycled material according to Nofir

Effects of material recycling


kg CO2 eq/kg decrease

The reduction of climate gasses equals

38 337

passengers flying from Oslo to London

Decrease in non-renewable resources is about

4 217 074

kg CO2 eq.

Vónin is part of the Faroese Sustainable Business Initiative, a network of twelve businesses in the Faroe Islands aiming to advance sustainable business practices and contribute towards UN Sustainable Development Goals.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

All of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals are significant to our strategy, daily operations and the value chain that we are part of. We have identified 3 Sustainable Development Goals that are particularly important to us:

Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns.
Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development.
Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development.

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