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Vónin Turbot

Bottom trawl for fish that are hard on the bottom on good grounds

The Vónin Turbot is a special designed bottom trawl that is particularly effective on good grounds for fish that are hard on the bottom. The trawl has a short fishing line and short wings which makes the trawl very flexible while towing. It has a design which gives the trawl a constant downwards force to deliver the best possible bottom contact.

For single and multi-rig trawling

The Vónin Turbot is mostly used by factory trawlers on fishing grounds around Greenland and in the Barents Sea. The Turbot trawl is suitable for both single and multi-rig trawling, and can be towed fast without loosing bottom contact.

Vónin Turbot

Used for: Greenland Halibut, Cod, Saithe, Haddock and Red Fish

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