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First class service

We are able to provide first class service with newly upgraded service stations and modern facilities in the Faroe Islands, Norway, Shetland, Hebrides and soon Kyleakin in Scotland. Our workforce is experienced, everyone receives the proper training and can perform their job with a sense of pride. All our service is done according to strict protocols in compliance with the health authorities. All the service work that is made with the fish farming equipment in registered in Vónin’s Aqua-log.

We offer a 24 hours 7 days a week standby service.

Net Washing

We are equipped with modern drum net washing machines that can handle the largest cage nets. Under the process the nets are washed and disinfected before being taken to repair and maintenance.

Repairs and Maintenance

At our new and state of the art production hall at Norðskála repair and maintenance is carried out by our experienced employees. All the repairs are made according to the Norwegian NS9415 standard.

Anti-fouling and Coating

We apply antifouling to minimize growth on the cage nets and coatings are made for protecting the nets when washing in the sea is the preferred option.


With our trucks we are able to provide quick and efficient transportation of fish farming equipment.

In stock and quick deliveries

Our warehouses always have a wide range of products on stock. And we deliver on very short time frames.


To keep a full track on the equipment we register all the service, which is made on the equipment in Vónin’s Aqua-log. As a client at Vónin you get full access to the Aqua-log.  Here you can see the full track record of your equipment.

Net Hotel

At our net hotel at Norðskála we offer to store your cage nets when they are not needed. The cage nets are stored  well protected and are registered in the Aqua-Log so you get a full overview of the nets you have at your disposal.


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