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Fishing gear for the world´s best fisherman

What makes the Vónin trawl so outstanding?

Vónin has extensive experience in manufacturing shrimp and bottom trawls for all types of fishing and our trawls are exported all around the world. Vónin trawls are used in as diverse fishing grounds as the Barents Sea, off eastern Russia, off the east and west coasts of Greenland, on the Flemish Cap, off Newfoundland and Labrador and elsewhere off Canada. Vónin has a reputation of delivering fishing gear of the best quality. We do this by focusing on design, material and workmanship.


Vónin shrimp and bottom trawls are based on designs to have very good bottom contact and superb waterflow, which will help you save fuel but most import increase your catch by bringing it smoothly and safely into the codend. Vessel owners and skippers have the opportunity to take advantage of the experience Vónin has at its disposal, with the trawls custom-designed and built to suit each skipper’s requirements and the vessel’s dimensions.


Our trawls are well known for their robust strength as well as the minimal maintenance that is needed. These attributes come down to the quality of workmanship that goes into a Vónin trawl. Even in the 21st century, old-fashioned manual skills and attention to detail cannot be replicated or replaced.

Many years of experience and close collaboration with fishermen across numerous fisheries have shown that time spent getting it right on the netloft floor is never wasted – as this pays dividends later. The more care taken at the start, the less time deck crews need to spend patching and fixing gear on board.


We know the importance of high quality material and therefore place a strong emphasis on ensuring that only the best material from handpicked suppliers go into a Vónin trawl.

As well as Premium and PET netting, it is recommended that the trawl is made in the Fortis netting, which is made exclusively for Vónin. The advantages of Fortis have been proved repeatedly, with the resulting high water flow through the trawl providing better catch rates.

Tailor made solutions

The fundamental design can be scaled to suit the towing power available, while the rig can also be adjusted to fit the deck layout. Each trawl is rigged to fit the trawl lanes on board or the available net drum capacity, and the materials used in construction are at the customer’s discretion, with options for netting types, or for either combination rope or Dyneema in the frame lines.


First class service that meets the needs of our clients.

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