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Vónin Zenith


Reaches High

Gear designers at Vónin have come up with a new trawl design, developed for versatility, and optimised for both pair teams and single trawling. The result is the Zenith trawl, which has already lived up to the figures predicted during the design process as trawlers have seen better fishing for saithe, haddock, cod, redfish and greenland halibut.

New design / high reach

Even though the Zenith trawl has fewer meshes in the fishing circle, it has a higher headline height and a greater spread, generated by optimising cutting rates and hanging ratios. The trawl is also designed to maintain a steady ground contact.

The skippers of both pair and single trawlers who tested the Zenith trawl prototypes have reported back that it sits comfortably on the seabed in all weather conditions, and when fishing is heavy it gathers strong marks of fish effectively.

Streamlined to optimise the volume of netting in the gear and minimise maintenance, Vónin’s Zenith combines traditional features and requirements with new thinking.






The trawls look very good, we see that the quality of the fish is significantly better compared to the other trawls we have used. The fishing is also better, and the fuel consumption is reduced by about 20%. So we are very happy with the trawls.

Harald Taranger, skipper on Tobis

We are very happy with the Zenith trawl. It runs stably and nicely and has a height of about 10 meters. With the correct weight distribution, it is no problem to keep the semi pelagic doors 10 meters from the bottom. We had a record trip and kept the boat’s max capacity with one trawl the whole trip. It seemed that we caught as much as the trawlers that were double trawling, but we chose to go with a single Zenith trawl and clearly saved a lot of fuel doing that. I can also mention that we did not have any tears and repairs on the whole trip – so the trawl is very solid.”

Einar Bjørhovde, skipper on Kågtind II

Larger fishing area

Even though the Zenith has fewer meshes in the fishing circle it has better headline height than conventional gear. The longer wings and the increased spread between the wingtips provide the Zenith trawl with a much larger fishing area.


Conventional 720
Zenith 700


10% catch boost

Veteran pair team Polarhav and Stjørnan were chosen to give the first full-scale Zenith prototype its baptism of fire on traditional Faroese pair trawling grounds, and the advantage of working with a pair team is that with alternate hauls using Stjørnan’s standard 720 mesh trawl and Polarhav towing the new 700 mesh Zenith test gear made to the skipper’s requirements with low-drag Fortis netting in the upper panels.

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Jan Klein
Faroe Islands, Tórshavn
Sales Manager – Bottom Trawls
Óli Horn
Faroe Islands, Tórshavn
Sales Manager – Bottom & Shrimp Trawls
Søren Havmand
Faroe Islands, Tórshavn
Sales Manager – Bottom & Shrimp Trawls

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