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Vónin Bacalao

The North Atlantic Workhorse

Amazing fishing abilities and absolutely minimal maintenance

The Vónin Bacalao bottom trawl has proved itself a versatile workhorse that performs on virtually any fishing grounds. In addition it handles well and needs minimal maintenance as it suffers very little damage. This is due to its unique design, and therefore fishing is made very efficiently.

Vónin’s co-founder Otto Dam originally developed the trawl in the 1990s. Since then the trawl design is revised several times, but it retains many of the original characteristics. Such as the capacity to be towed fast without losing the ground contact. The Bacalao trawl can practically fish any groundfish species, from Saithe, Cod and Haddock to Greenland Halibut, Redfish, Monkfish and Argentine.

Bacalao is used for Saithe, Cod, Haddock, Greenland Halibut, Redfish, Flatfish, Monkfish and Argentine.

From the small to the large

Vónin produces this trawl pattern in a variety of sizes from a 270-mesh fishing circle net in 160mm to the largest size of trawl with a massive 1078-mesh fishing circle. Bacalao trawls are used on a variety of trawlers from the small inshore trawlers with less than 500 hp and pair teams all the way up to the largest factory vessels. Vónin’s customers tow Bacalao trawls on fishing grounds across the North Atlantic from Canada to the Barents sea.

Bacalao trawl
Heykur / Bacalao trawl
Codend / Heykur


Bacalao 740 hits the spot

Norwegian trawler Atlantic Viking, which sails from Ålesund, has seen some notable successes with its Bacalao trawls from Vónin, and has gone from using more or less standard 630 trawls to having a pair of 740 trawls on board as well.

According to Vónin’s Óli Horn, the process began during a flume tank session in Hirtshals last year where a scale model of a trawl developed for new Norwegian factory trawler Granit was being put through its paces. This was the Bacalao 740, an extended version of the 630 trawl that has been the standard workhorse for many trawlers across the North Atlantic region for many years.

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