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We make the ocean more profitable



Vónin is a major developer and manufacturer of high quality fishing gear. We put every effort into innovation and maintain very close co-operation with our clients in the process of product development.


With our origins in the Faroese aquaculture industry, where strong currents and wild weather come as standard, we have specialised in supplying high quality fish farming equipment for demanding high energy sites.


For the construction and other land based industries Vónin supplies high quality certified solutions, which enables us to comply with international standards of quality and precision.

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Material collected by the Vónin group in co-operation with clients in 2023

Purse seine nets
and similar material

37.575 kg

sent to polivektris.lt

Fishfarming nets,
fishing nets and ropes

753.049 kg

sent to nofir.no

Trawls, buoys and
other plastics

259.760 kg

sent to plastixglobal.com

Trawl doors and
other metals

36.900 kg

sent to metallco.com
and hjhansen.dk

Environmental benefits

Of 753.049 kg recycled material according to Nofir

Effects of material recycling


kg CO2 eq/kg decrease

The reduction of climate gasses equals

38 337

passengers flying from Oslo to London

Decrease in cabon footprint is about

4 217 074

kg CO2 eq.

Vonin Locations

International operation

Vónin has developed from local roots into a highly specialised and genuinely international operation with a wealth of expertise and experience behind it.

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