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Pelagic trawls

Excellent fishing abilities

Vónin is a pelagic trawl manufacturer with extensive experiences producing trawls with excellent fishing capabilities for a variety of target species. Our pelagic gear is exported around the world.

These pelagic trawls have been in constant development through the years, and Vónin can offer a wide range of designs – from multi-purpose pelagic trawls to trawls designed for specific species.

A pelagic trawl net being prepared for use

Capto – a game changer

When Capto was first introduced back in 2013 it set a new industry standard for pelagic trawls. Today all our clients prefer to get the forenets in their pelagic trawl built with Capto.

When Capto was developed it was important for us that it was high quality all the way. Capto has shown to be strong have great abrasion properties and a good stiffness.

A Capto Trawl being lowered

Advantages with Capto:

  • Wear resistant
  • Fast too shoot and haul
  • Easy to handle on deck
  • Better safety on deck
  • The colours give a great overview
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Easy and faster to repair
  • Long lifetime
  • Easy to tow
Unique net trawl designs


Due to their unique designs Vónin´s pelagic trawls handle well and need minimal maintenance.

our netloft craftsmanship can't be replaced by automation


Vónin has always taken pride in its netloft skills. This is the craftsmanship that even in this age of automation can’t be replaced

Quality material for your pelagic trawling


Alongside its traditional skills, Vónin’s experience is that using quality materials also pays off in the long term.


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