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Vónin Fulmar

Mackerel and Herring trawl

The Flexible Pelagic Trawl Solution

The Fulmar is a flexible trawl, which can be used for both Mackerel and Herring and is the ideal choice when the quotas are limited. This versatility means you can make the most of every fishing trip.

Surface or Midwater Towing

The Fulmar’s design allows it to be towed both at the surface and as midwater, giving you the freedom to adapt to changing conditions and fish species. Featuring an intermediate-sized belly, the Fulmar can be towed fast enough for mackerel and can handle relatively large shoals of herring. This flexibility is crucial when you need to adapt to various fishing scenarios.

Versatile trawl
Medium size belly
Light to tow
Swallows relatively large shoals

Built to last

hile the forenet incorporates hexagonal meshes to reduce towing resistance, the Fulmar’s overall construction is as robust as all Vónin trawls. Rest assured, it stands the test of time, delivering unwavering performance even in the harshest of environments.

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