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Fishing gear for the world´s best fisherman

What makes the Vónin trawl so outstanding?

Vónin has extensive experience in manufacturing pelagic trawls for all types of pelagic fishing and our trawls are exported all around the world. The Vónin trawls are used from the North Atlantic to the South Pacific by many of the world’s top fishing vessels for catching a wide variety of species. But what makes the Vónin trawl so outstanding? The answer is design, workmanship and material.


Vónin’s pelagic trawls handle well and need minimal maintenance as they suffer very little damage due to their unique designs, and therefore fishing can be made very efficiently. Our pelagic trawls are designed by our experienced trawl specialists in close cooperation with the fisherman. Sophisticated 3D simulator programs are used together with flume tank visits for optimizing the trawl designs.

Vessel owners and skippers have the opportunity to take advantage of the experience Vónin has at its disposal, with the trawls custom-designed and built to suit each skipper’s requirements and the vessel’s dimensions.


Vónin has always taken pride in its netloft skills. This is the craftsmanship that even in this age of automation cannot be replaced, as there is no substitute for the skills that come from long experience and paying attention to detail – taking care to ensure that no corners are cut.

Many years of experience and close collaboration with fishermen across numerous fisheries have shown that time spent getting it right on the netloft floor is never wasted – as this pays dividends later. The more care taken at the start, the less time deck crews need to spend patching and fixing gear on board.


Alongside its traditional skills, Vónin’s experience is that using quality materials also pays off in the long term. Cheaper options can always be found but finding alternatives that are stronger or harder wearing is a very different challenge and Vónin uses a selected group of suppliers for everything from netting to ropes, chain and other hardware.

Experience has shown that lighter material fishes better and therefore we build our trawls with strong and light material.

Tailor made solutions

We can make what you need — from a trawl with a high vertical opening to a wide horizontal spread, or a trawl with long wings. If you need a heavy-duty trawl that will stand up to strain and rough handling, we can make it, or if you’re looking for a light trawl to tow at high speed, we can come up with a design that suits your needs.


First class service that meets the needs of our clients.

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