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Vónin Gannet

Key target species: Blue whiting, Herring and Pollock

A pelagic trawl for both intensive and dispersed fishery

The Gannet trawl has a large opening in relation to the overall size of the gear, making it an effective catching tool for both intensive fishing with short tows, as well as for long tows on dispersed fish. The long belly provides an excellent water flow, making it light to tow relative to its size.

Robust construction

Vónin designed the Gannet pelagic trawl for heavy work, including coping with the exceptional demands of the springtime blue whiting fishery west of the UK. It is made in diamond mesh throughout and its robust construction gives it an exceptionally long working lifetime.

Effective and versatile pelagic trawl

Originally conceived for fishing blue whiting, this is where the Gannet pelagic trawl has been the market leader for some time. This has also been shown to be a versatile trawl design that also performs well in herring, and pollock fisheries.

Gannet’s versatility has resulted in it becoming one of Vónin’s most popular trawl design, as it is the most effective under a wide variety of fishing conditions from close to the seabed, right up to fishing a few metres from the surface.

Key target species:

Blue whiting, Herring and Pollock

Russian pelagic factory trawler Mekhanik Sergey Agapov
Russian pelagic factory trawler Mekhanik Sergey Agapov
Dutch pelagic vessel Margiris
Dutch pelagic vessel Margiris
Faroese pelagic trawler Katrin Jóhanna
Faroese pelagic vessel Katrin Jóhanna

This footage was taken onboard Høgaberg while trawling west of Ireland for Blue Whiting. Høgaberg is using a 2304 mtr trawl and Codend from Vónin.

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