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Vónin Flyer

Generates a powerful lift

New thinking on headline lift

Vónin’s Flyer is a deceptively simple device that’s connected to the headline of a trawl, providing lift much more effectively than any conventional trawl floats or headline kite can. The Flyer is clipped to the headline of a trawl with attachment points, and as soon as the gear starts to move through the water, it generates lift, and the faster the towing speed, themore lift is produced.

One Flyer is 80 cm and takes up the same space as four 8-inch floats.
The faster the Flyer is towed, the more lift it generates.

The Flyer has its own integral buoyancy in the shape of two floats that form the ends of the unit, with three hydrodynamic foils running between them. The floats keep the Flyer afloat if the towing speed drops to zero, keeping it clear of the trawl itself, while also serving to help it align itself as the gear is shot away. This gives the Flyer its own inbuilt stability, so requires no additional rigging or guidelines and aligns itself automatically, producing lift in proportion to the towing speed.

“I want to express satisfaction with the work of your device – the flyer. In addition to increasing the vertical opening of the trawl, the flyer has a positive effect on the stabilization of the top line and the entire trawl. It is very nice.”

Dmitry – Chif catch master F/t ”Melkart-3

Much more effective than floats

The unit as a whole takes up the same space on the headline of a trawl as four 8-inch floats that provide 12 kg of buoyancy, but the Flyer produces much more lift. At 2.50 knots, it generates 45kg of lift, rising to 63 kg at 3 knots and 84 kg at 3.50 knots. At 4 knots the lift generated is 106 kg, and we could go on from there. A standard Bacalao 630 trawl of the type that the Faroese pair teams use is normally rigged with 150 eightinch floats, and the theory is that towing at 3.5 knots we can replicate the same lift with just six Flyers.

When towing at 3.5 knots, each Flyer generates 85kg of lift, which is equivalent to around thirty normal floats.

The Flyer can be rigged onto a trawl’s headline at different points to generate lift and gain height more effectively than normal floats alone would, and it can sit comfortably on the wings or even the wing ends, as it does not need to be rigged square to the flow of water to be effective.

Vónin has a patent on the Flyer

Less pollution of the ocean

There’s also an environmental angle to this, as trawl floats are frequently broken or lost and plastic pollution in the ocean is an increasingly serious concern. The Flyer reduces the amount of plastic in the water as there are fewer of them compared to a headline lined with conventional trawl floats.

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