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Faroese pelagic trawler Borgarin KG 491

Borgarin with 2600 Vónin Gannet pelagic trawl

The pelagic trawler Borgarin has just been on their first trip with their new 2600 metres Vónin Gannet pelagic trawl and new Blue Whiting codend from Vónin. The trip was excellent and the skipper Kristian Dam has expressed an overall huge satisfaction with both the trawl and the codend. The skipper says that the 2600 metre pelagic trawl has an impressive opening and keeps it’s shape very well.

They caught 1500 tonnes of Blue Whiting in four tows south of the Faroe Islands, but had to stop fishing due to bad weather. The fish is discharged at Havsbrún in Fuglafjørður.

The 2600 metres Vónin Gannet trawl has a massive opening and is especially well suited when the fish is scattered. With the right rigging, this trawl achieves a fishing circle 270 metre opening horizontally and 135 metres vertically.

Simulation of the 2600 metres Vónin Gannet

Simulation of thw 2600 metres Vónin Gannet

Sales team

Frederik Hansen
Faroe Islands, Fuglafjørður
Sales Manager – Pelagic
Óli G
Óli á Gravarbø
Faroe Islands, Fuglafjørður
Sales Manager – Pelagic

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