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Willem van der Zwan

Willem van der Zwan goes for 2304 Capto trawl

Yet another dutch giant trawler has been in the Faroe Islands to collect their new 2304 Capto trawl.

On Thursday Willem van der Zwan arrived at Fuglafjørður port around noon. Their errand was to collect their new 2304 Capto trawl from Vónin.

The 2304 Capto trawl was originally designed for Blue Whiting fishery, where it again and again has showed it efficiency and probably is the most used trawl for catching this species.

With the right belly the 2304 trawl also has shown strong results on Herring, and Willem van der Zwan’s trawl has been rigged with this exact belly so they will be able operate on both types of fisheries.

Willem van der Zwan is a factory trawl, which is 142 meters long and has a beam of 18 meters, which makes it one of the largest trawlers around.

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