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New shrimp trawler Nataarnaq
New shrimp trawler Nataarnaq

Vónin shrimp trawl package for new Nataarnaq

New shrimp trawler Nataarnaq, docked in Nuuk for the first time at the end of last year after the delivery trip from the Murueta Shipyard in Spain. The latest in a series of sophisticated freezer shrimp trawlers designed by Norwegian company Skipsteknisk. Nataarnaq has four electrical permanent magnet trawl winches allowing it to tow three trawls.

There is a 3400-mesh Vónin 2014 shrimp trawl in each of the four trawl lanes – three in use, plus a spare. The Vónin 2014 design is a three-wingtip trawl, which distributes the tension along the selvedges. This is providing better headline height as well as stability during the tow to result in higher catch rates. The four trawls were supplied rigged onto rockhopper footropes and the gear is spread with a 16 square metre pair of Vónin Storm trawl doors.

Vónin also supplied Nataarnaq with codends, sorting grids and a comprehensive inventory of spares parts for the trawl gear.

Vónin would like to congratulate owners, skippers and crew members with this magnificent vessel.

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