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Vónin Shrimp Grid

Increase your catch up to 30% by changing to the Vónin Shrimp Grid

In many areas, vessels are required to use a grid when fishing shrimp for example in Canada, Greenland and Norway. Vónin has its own plastic grid for this purpose and it has proven to be the best of its kind. With the vertical bars raised over the horizontal ones, there is nothing going across the sorting surface, and this makes the sorting close to optimal. The bars can easily be replaced if damaged or bent. The frame of the grid is also very solid and strong.

Better water flow

Some skippers call the grid a revolution, because it has a much better water flow and catching capability than other grids on the market. Feedback from vessels say that they increase the catch with up to 30% using the Vónin shrimp grid. The Canadian vessel m/v Mersey Phoenix mounted the old grid in one trawl and the new Vónin Shrimp grid in other trawl and they could see that the trawl mounted with the new grid had in every tow a greater catch and sorting of shrimps in the bag.

Also for the smaller trawlers

Some of the smaller shrimp trawlers have the need to put the grid on to the drum. For these cases Vónin has designed a special grid which is in two section and can bend on the middle. The feedback from these trawlers has been extrodinary good – the grid is easy to get on the drum and their fishing has increased.

The Vónin Shrimp Grid can be custom made for your needs, but the most used sizes are:
Bar DistanceGrid Size
19 mm175 x 240 cm
22 mm175 x 240 cm
22 mm220 x 240 cm

The Vónin Shrimp Grid is perfect to filter out unwanted bycatch when trawling for Shrimps. The sorting grid has a very good water flow which optimizes the trawling. Vessels have increased the catch by 30% when changing to the Vónin Shrimp Grid

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