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Vónin 2014

With three wing tips

Greater stability and larger fishing area

Before the concept of double trawling became common for the shrimp trawlers they used to have shrimp trawls with three wing tips. These shrimp trawlers were not as well equipped as the modern trawlers so they had difficulties handling all the extra bridles from two trawls with three wing tips. So they switched from using trawls with three wing tips to trawls with two wing tips.

Increased catch

Today’s modern shrimp trawlers do not have the same limitations as trawlers had in the past, and can therefore make use of all the advantages, offered by the three winged Vónin 2014 shrimp trawl.

The advantages with the three wing tips are significant, providing a much more stable shrimp trawl, because more of the tension goes on to the selvage lines. With the Vónin 2014 shrimp trawl you also get more height on the wing tips, which again results in a larger fishing area.

The stability together with the greater height on the wing tips results in increased shrimp catches.

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