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Crab & Whelk Pots

Manufactured by specialists

Adapted to the requiremens of the fishermen

The professional fisherman has high demands to his gear and therefore we put great effort in only producing high quality crab pots & whelk pots that can meet these requirements. Staffed by specialist workers with decades of experience we have over the years manufactured thousands of crab pots and whelk pots and they are exported to markets around the world.

Crab pots
Whelk pots

Positive feedback

The feedback from our clients has been very positive with satisfied customers returning again and again. The feedback states that these crab pots and whelk pots last and ensure effective fishing.

High quality pots

Made from the finest quality materials on the market from handpicked suppliers including Canadian high quality steel, PE netting and heavy duty cones, these Crab pots & whelk pots are adapted in accordance with the needs and requirements of our clients. The crab pots are installed with the required escaping mechanism.

Standard or custom size

We can supply you with our standard sizes or custom-sized fishing pots.

Our standard crab pots are 50” in the bottom, 27” in the top and 23” high.

And our standard whelk pots are 38,5” in the bottom, 12” in the top and 17” high.

We also supply spare frames, jackets, cones, escape mehanisme and bait bags.

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