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Robust mooring solutions for aquaculture

Without proper moorings fish farms are vulnerable to the vigorous and unpredictable force of the ocean. Over the past decades we have specialised in supplying high quality mooring equipment to high energy exposed sites. Our top-of-the-line mooring solution is designed and built to withstand the harsh weather conditions of the North Atlantic.

All components are carefully chosen and crafted for strength and durability. Our mooring solutions are tailored to the exact conditions of the planned site. Our experts run thorough calculations and mooring analysis on Aquasim to design the solution accordingly.


We have developed and designed our own exclusive plough anchor and dual shank anchor. The distinctive features of these two anchor designs are their strength, durability and superb grip.

‘We now have a number of Vónin nets and mooring systems installed and I’m very satisfied with the quality of the equipment and the short timeframes Vónin worked to to deliver these.’

Kris Laird, Mowi Scotlandi

Advantages with moorings from Vónin

30 years experience in high energy exposed sites
All components are of highest quality
Easy to install and user friendly systems
Crosby steel hardware
Moorings analysis made with aquasim
Full product indentification code (PIC) traceability on all products

Crosby Trawlex mooring plates and shackles

Hot-dip galvanized mooring plates to be used with mooring shackles.  This rugged mooring plate system is highly durable and strong as well as being practical for the fish farmers. For more and more clients we have combined the regular shackle system with steel rings for making the system even more practical. The mooring plates are available in different sizes


What is your biggest anchor?

Our biggest anchor is 10 tonnes……

Should I choose a plough anchor or a dual shank anchor?

Depeding on our site and preference you should…….

What are the advantages with the Crosby products?

The crosby products are designed in a way that you do not get the microscopic cracks……

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