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Nýggju filmur

Nýggjur filmur um Vónina komin út

Aquaculture equipment
for high energy sites

The extreme environment in the Faroe Islands and Northern Norway has pushed the development of fish farming equipment. Hostile weather, strong currents, high waves and fierce frost present equipment with some severe challenges.

Vónin Zenith 10% catch boost
Tummas T fishing for Herring and Mackerel
Pair trawling with Bakur and Stelkur
Høgaberg trawling for blue whiting
Fuglafjørður – the pelagic center in the North Atlantic
Drone video of Akraberg
Vónin Tornado trawl doors 3D manual
Vónin Storm trawl doors 3D manual
New Regina C
Bacalao bottom trawl with Fortis
Granit triple trawling for shrimps
Regina C shrimp trawling in Greenland
Nordborg Purse Seining for Capelin
Jupiter picking up purse seine net
Salmon farm in the Faroe Islands
The magnificent trawler Granit
Christian í Grótinum towing Vónin gear for Blue Whiting
Pair team Tuugaaliq and Steffen C uses Vónin gear
Vónin Shrimp Grid
Seal enters a trawl for a free meal
The Flexi Grid from Vónin
m/v Fagraberg – Blue Whiting codend
m/v Fagraberg – Good catch of Blue Whiting
60 tons of Argentine (Greater Silver Smelt)

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