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Trawl doors

Pelagic trawl tailored to towing power
Faroese pelagic vessel Katrin Jóhanna has done well on blue whiting this year, and we caught up with skipper Árni Dalsgaard between seasons.
10m2 Twister trawl doors for 2300 mtr Gannet trawl
Katrin Jóhanna has just been in Fuglafjørður where they discharged their Blue Whiting to Havsbrún. They had been on a quick trip where they filled up the hull with only four hauls.
The best trawl doors I’ve ever used
When new Icelandic trawler Börkur was delivered last year, the choice of doors went to a pair of Vónin’s Twisters. We spoke to skipper Hjörvar Hjálmarsson to get his feedback on how these doors have performed. “I am highly satisfied. We have been in all types of fishery - capelin, herring, mackerel and blue whiting since we got the Twister trawl doors. Each fishery has its own challenges, but the Twister trawl doors have not disappointed and have performed very well on every occasion,” he said.
Ishavet on successful shrimp trip
The Norwegian trawler Ishavet has been double trawling for shrimps in the Barents Sea and is on its way to Tromsø to discharge the catch. Ishavet has caught the shrimps with two 3200 meshes Vónin Novaja shrimp trawls and 14m2 Vónin Storm trawl doors...
Testing the new generation trawl doors
In the last year Vónin has worked extensively on a new pelagic trawl door that can be controlled. The work has gathered pace and it was last week that Høgaberg was pilot testing the new Twister trawl doors with great success. This new Twister will be a active control trawl door and this is a solution that we will be offering in the near future, but we are still in testing phase of the final product

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