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New Vónin Twister trawl doors installed on Icelandic trawler Börkur.

The best trawl doors I’ve ever used

When new Icelandic trawler Börkur was delivered last year, the choice of trawl doors went to a pair of Vónin’s Twisters. We spoke to skipper Hjörvar Hjálmarsson to get his feedback on how these doors have performed.

“I am highly satisfied. We have been in all types of fishery – capelin, herring, mackerel and blue whiting since we got the Twister doors. Each fishery has its own challenges. But these trawl doors have not disappointed and have performed very well on every occasion,” he said.

“For example, you have to chase and turn a lot to hit the marks when fishing for fast-swimming mackerel. But it was very easy to keep the doors right at the surface.

Fish-eye view of bridge on Icelandic trawler Börkur.
Captain Hjørvar Hjalmarson on icelandic trawler Börkur.

 “And before going for capelin we were very exited on how the Twister doors would work because it often can be a challenge to get trawl doors to work at slow towing speeds high in the water. But we saw immediately that the Twister doors were working perfectly. We were even getting 30% more spread close to the surface compared to the other pelagic trawlers.

“One thing that demonstrates how powerful the Twister doors are is when we got our biggest haul so far with the new Börkur. This was a 900 tonne tow and the Twister doors were almost not affected,” Hjörvar Hjálmarsson said.

“To get the doors to seek up or down, we just adjust the upper and lower shutters. These are very powerful, strong doors – these are the best trawl doors I’ve ever used.”

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