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Faroese vessel Katrin Jóhanna in Fuglafjørður

Katrin Jóhanna: 10m2 Twister trawl doors for 2300 mtr Gannet trawl

Katrin Jóhanna has just been in Fuglafjørður where they discharged their Blue Whiting to Havsbrún. They had been on a quick trip where they filled up the hull with only four hauls.

This was also the first trip for Katrin Jóhanna with their brand new 10m2 Twister trawl doors. So there was big excitement on how these small trawl doors would handle this big 2300 mtr Vónin Gannet trawl.

Faroese vessel Katrin Jóhanna in Fuglafjørður
Faroese vessel Katrin Jóhanna in Fuglafjørður

Convincingly is the proper word to describe this – Katrin Jóhanna got a distance of around 353 metres between the trawl doors. They were using 160 metre bridles, but used only 1000-1100 metres of trawl wire.

They got up to 135 metres height and up to 242 metres width on their 2300 Gannet trawl.

Katrin Jóhanna is now on their way back to the fishing field.

The trawler has a 3960 KW engine.

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