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Vónin Flexi Grid

Great sorting abilities

Sorting grid to filter out roundfish from pelagic species

The Flexi Grid is a sorting system for pelagic fishery to filter roundfish from catches of pelagic species. This sorting grid has shown great sorting abilities and is mandatory in some areas.

Easy to get on the drum

The greatest advantage with the Vónin Flexi grid, besides its great sorting abilities, is when trawls need to go on a net drum on board the vessel. There is absolutely no need for worrying about damaging the grid when reeling it onto the drum. It elegantly flattens out and you hardly notice it inside the tunnel.

The Vónin Flexi Grid is manufactured from strong plastic tubes with dyneema twine going through. This makes the grid extremely flexible to work with and at the same time strong.

It is also possible to shape the grid into which ever shape and size you want it. The sorting is very good, but the greatest advantage with the oval Vónin Flexi Grid is that you do not have any crossbars, and that makes it easy to get the grid on the deck and to get it onto the netdrum.

As the skippers say: “you don’t even notice that it’s there”.

Blue Whiting going smoothly back through the Flexi Grid from Vónin.

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