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Moorings and nets for high-energy sites
With high-energy aquaculture sites to oversee in Scotland’s Western Isles, Mowi Regional Seawater Manager Kris Laird wanted to see for himself how Faroese Fish Farmers operate in highly exposed environments that regularly withstand exceptional hostile conditions.
Testing the new generation trawl doors
In the last year Vónin has worked extensively on a new pelagic trawl door that can be controlled. The work has gathered pace and it was last week that Høgaberg was pilot testing the new Twister trawl doors with great success. This new Twister will be a active control trawl door and this is a solution that we will be offering in the near future, but we are still in testing phase of the final product
Zenith trawl’s high reach
Vónin's new groundfish trawl has already shown some promising results on saith, haddock and redfish.
Quality shrimp gear pays off
Vónin has seen quite some growth in the Barents Sea fleet that trusts its shrimp gear to deliver the right results. While the company has a long-established reputation for shrimp gear that has been standard for the Faroese, Greenlandic and much of the Canadian fleet, fishing companies in Norway, Iceland and Russia have increasingly been coming to Vónin for trawls for the Barents Sea shrimp fishery, and now the greater part of these trawlers are using shrimp gear from Vónin.
Zephyr rigged with fishing gear from Vónin
Zephyr with a new 2304 trawl with a heavy duty belly from Vónin. A returning customer Zephyr first chose to use a 2304 trawl from Vónin in 2017 and now they chose to get rigged with their second trawl of this model. Furthermore, the boat is also rigged with codends and Tornado trawl doors from Vónin.

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