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Søren Hjort and Hjalmar Petersen standing in front of a set of Twister trawl doors.
Picture: Søren Hjort and Hjalmar Petersen standing in front of a set of Twister trawl doors.

Investing in engineering

Vónin has acquired Danish engineering and design company Volu Ventis.

Based in Silkeborg, Volu Ventis and its managing director Søren Hjort have a long background in the energy and green tech sectors, specialising in aerodynamics and hydrodynamics. Volu Ventis will be fully integrated into Vónin’s research and development structure.

‘We have been working with Volu Ventis for some years and we have an excellent working relationship,’ said Vónin’s CEO Hjalmar Petersen.

‘We see this as a move that strengthens and supports the co-operation we have already built up over the past few years.’

Søren Hjort’s expertise in hydrodynamics has already been a key element of the development of Vónin’s line of trawl doors, including the Storm demersal doors and the highly successful Tornado pelagic doors, as well as the new controllable Twister pelagic doors that are currently being tested on board fishing vessels.

Volu Ventis also took part in developing the Flyer headline lift device, and there is more on the way, according to Hjalmar Petersen.

‘We have worked closely together on these developments and share patents on these devices and between us we also have a number of other projects we are working on,’ he said.

‘Volu Ventis has a practical, hands-on approach that involves spending time at sea as part of the development process, and this is an idea fit for Vónin. This cements our shared strategy of coming up with newer and better products that keep Vónin in front.’

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