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Börkur with Twister trawl doors

New Börkur with the new Twister® trawl doors

Sildarvinnslan’s new pelagic trawler arrived in Iceland on thursday and will they be spreading their trawls with a set of Vónin’s new pelagic trawl doors.

The Twister trawl doors, which have been used by Høgaberg and Tróndur í Gøtu have already proven to a have very high spreading power and fantastic stability where the vessels have been able to make impressive sharp turns.

The Twister trawl doors are built on some of the same principales as Vónin’s popular Tornado trawl doors, but with some updates and improvements.

Vónin is working on making the Twister trawl doors controllable and in the near future the active control will be tried and tested. This will make the Twister trawl doors controllable.

We at Vónin would like to congratulate owners and crew members with the new Börkur and wish them best of luck and godspeed.

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