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Oddmar Ørvarodd, Vónin’s new trawl specialist

Experienced trawl specialist joins Vónin’s pelagic team

The well known and experienced trawl specialist Oddmar Ørvarodd has joined the Vónin pelagic sales team.

Oddmar comes from a position as a chief trawl master onboard the Nikolay Telenkov that has been trawling in West Africa.  

Oddmar started fishing as a young man in 1969 and the first 18 years he sailed with faroes pair and single trawlers. Then moved on to sail with shrimp trawlers and Norwegian factory trawlers for some years.

From 1996 and until now he has been trawl master and mostly chief trawl master with Russian trawlers fishing in as different areas as in the South Pacific, of the coast of Oman, in the sea of Okhotsk and of the coast of West Africa.

“We are very happy to have Oddmar on-board. We can with confidece say that he will bring experience and expertise of great value to the company and are we looking forward to our co-operation with him” says Hjalmar Petersen CEO at Vónin.

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