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Vónin Gannet pelagic trawl

Pelagic trawl tailored to towing power
Faroese pelagic vessel Katrin Jóhanna has done well on blue whiting this year, and we caught up with skipper Árni Dalsgaard between seasons.
Great trip with Vónin Gannet pelagic trawl
They caught 2700 tonnes in only 6 tows using the 2600 metres Vónin Gannet pelagic trawl together with a set of 12m2 Vónin Twister trawl doors.
Borgarin with 2600 Vónin Gannet pelagic trawl
The pelagic trawler Borgarin has just been on their first trip with their new 2600 metres Vónin Gannet pelagic trawl and new Blue Whiting codend from Vónin. The trip was excellent and the skipper Kristian Dam has expressed an overall huge satisfaction with both the trawl and the codend
2600 scores on scattered fish
Vónin’s 2600 metre trawl, a scaled-up version of the successful 2300 trawl, has been in use by a number of Faroese vessels this year, with Gøtunes (ex-Gitte Henning), Tróndur í Gøtu and Arctic Voyager all reporting good results, while a fourth Faroese pelagic vessel has also ordered a 2600 trawl...
No 1 on Blue Whiting with 2600 & 2300 Capto Trawls
So far this year the faroese trawler Arctic Voyager is the pelagic trawler that has the highest catch of Blue Whiting in faroese zone. Arctic Voyager has all year been using the 2300 metres & the 2600 metres Capto trawls and two different designs of Blue Whiting codends from Vónin. They have expressed great satisfaction with these trawls and codends. When fishing west of Ireland they used the the well proven 2300 metres trawl, but as the Blue Whiting moved further north the Arctic Voyager switched to the 2600 metres trawl, which has a massive opening and is perfect when the fish gets more scattered...

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