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Vónin Kodiak

Large horizontal opening

A shrimp trawl for soft grounds

The Vónin Kodiak is  well proven shrimp trawl and is being towed by large numbers of shrimp trawlers. It is based on designs to have a large horizontal opening and to have a very good ground contact. With these features this shrimp trawl is suitable for shrimps on soft grounds and for shrimps that stay close to the bottom.

Good water flow

The Kodiak shrimp trawl has a good water flow, which will help getting the shrimp smoothly and safely into the codend. This is a two bridle shrimp trawl and it is very stable. The trawls can be used for both single and multi-rig trawling.

The feedback from skippers using the Vónin Kodiak shrimp trawl has been very positive ever since the trawl model was first introduced, with customers returning again and again.

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