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Ishavet storm trawldoors
Ishavet on successful shrimp trip
The Norwegian trawler Ishavet has been double trawling for shrimps in the Barents Sea and is on its way to Tromsø to discharge the catch. Ishavet has caught the shrimps with two 3200 meshes Vónin Novaja shrimp trawls and 14m2 Vónin Storm trawl doors...
twister borkur
New Börkur with new Twister trawl doors
Sildarvinnslan's new pelagic trawler arrived in Iceland on thursday and will they be spreading their trawls with a set of Vónin's new pelagic trawl doors. The Twister trawl doors, which have been used by Høgaberg and Tróndur í Gøtu have already proven to a have very high spreading power and fantastic stability where the vessels have been able to make impressive sharp turns.
Hjalmar og Søren Hjort
Investing in engineering
Vónin has acquired Danish engineering and design company Volu Ventis. Based in Silkeborg, Volu Ventis and its managing director Søren Hjort have a long background in the energy and green tech sectors, specialising in aerodynamics and hydrodynamics. Volu Ventis will be fully integrated into Vónin’s research and development structure.
Oddmar Ørvarodd
Experienced trawl specialist joins Vónin’s pelagic team
The well known and experienced trawl specialist Oddmar Ørvarodd has joined the Vónin pelagic sales team. Oddmar comes from a position as a chief trawl master onboard the Nikolay Telenkov that has been trawling in West Africa...
Mekhanik Sergey Agapov opted for Tornado again
Arriving directly from Kirkenes the Russian pelagic factory trawler Mekhanik Sergey Agapov came to Fuglafjørður harbour to take onboard their new set of Tornado trawl doors. Mekhanik Sergey Agapov has been using Tornado trawl doors since 2018, and the results have been so satisfactory that they have opted again for a new set of Tornado.

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