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Óli á Gravarbø
Vónin strengthens its pelagic sales team
From the 1st of October Óli á Gravarbø will join Vónin's sales force. He will be responsible for the sales of pelagic fishing gear together with Frederik Hansen. Óli is 31 years old and comes from a position as 2nd mate on the pelagic trawler Borgarin. Óli has a degree a as skipper and has since 2009 been sailing with pelagic trawlers.
12 Faroese companies take lead on climate action ahead of COP26
On 21 September, twelve Faroese companies participating in the Faroese Sustainable Business Initiative - Burðardygt Vinnulív - announced they would at least halve their greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 in an effort to mitigate climate change.
Polar Seafood rigs Polar Nataarnaq with Vónin shrimp gear
A trawler acquired by Polar Seafood to replace Polar Assik, which was lost in a fire on board earlier this year has called in Tórshavn to collect its new shrimp gear, before heading for Greenland.
Smart approach to trawl door technology
Faroese fishing gear supplier Vónin was a relative latecomer to the trawl door business, but has achieved some startling results in only a few years, having practically from first principles with its Storm and Tornado doors. Now the Twister doors are showing what they can do.
Mackerel caught with 1680 Vónin Falcon trawl
The Greenlandic trawler Svend C arrived in Fuglafjørður on Monday with a full hull. They discharged the fresh Mackerel for Pelagos before heading for Kollafjørð for discharging the frozen mackerel.

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