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Large investments in waterbased anti-fouling and coating

Vónin has the last couple of years made large investments in upgrading their aquaculture department at Norðskála with a new production hall, warehouse facility, new offices and a new and larger net washing system.

The investments do not stop here as a growing demand for antifouling and coating that is more environmentally friendly compared to traditional, oil-based products, has prompted Vónin to become prepared for offering fish farmers a water-based alternative.

Signar Poulsen, head of Vónin’s Aquaculture department.

“Water-based anti-fouling and coating will provide a much more environmentally friendly alternative, which we are keen to offer our customers,” Mr. Signar Poulsen says.
The water-based substances however have other requirements when it comes to drying. In light of that Vónin decided to build a designated, 930-square m hall for cage net anti-fouling, coating and drying. That hall is expected to be ready for use in 2023

With all these investments made Vónin will have a highly modern aquaculture department fit to meet the future requirements from the fish farming sector.

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