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The best trawl doors I’ve ever used
When new Icelandic trawler Börkur was delivered last year, the choice of doors went to a pair of Vónin’s Twisters. We spoke to skipper Hjörvar Hjálmarsson to get his feedback on how these doors have performed. “I am highly satisfied. We have been in all types of fishery - capelin, herring, mackerel and blue whiting since we got the Twister trawl doors. Each fishery has its own challenges, but the Twister trawl doors have not disappointed and have performed very well on every occasion,” he said.
Vónin shrimp trawl package for new Nataarnaq
New shrimp trawler Nataarnaq, docked in Nuuk for the first time at the end of last year after the delivery trip from the Murueta Shipyard in The latest in a series of sophisticated freezer shrimp trawlers designed by Norwegian company Skipsteknisk, Nataarnaq has four electrical permanent magnet trawl winches allowing it to tow three trawls.
Great trip with Vónin Gannet pelagic trawl
They caught 2700 tonnes in only 6 tows using the 2600 metres Vónin Gannet pelagic trawl together with a set of 12m2 Vónin Twister trawl doors.
Borgarin with 2600 Vónin Gannet pelagic trawl
The pelagic trawler Borgarin has just been on their first trip with their new 2600 metres Vónin Gannet pelagic trawl and new Blue Whiting codend from Vónin. The trip was excellent and the skipper Kristian Dam has expressed an overall huge satisfaction with both the trawl and the codend
Tarajoq – three different trawls from Vónin
On Monday the 22nd of November the new Greenlandic research vessel Tarajoq arrived in the Faroe Islands. Various small tasks are to be done in the Faroe Islands, before heading for Greenland in January.

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