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Tarajoq – three different trawls from Vónin

On Monday the 22nd of November the new Greenlandic research vessel Tarajoq arrived in the Faroe Islands. Various small tasks are to be done in the Faroe Islands, before heading for Greenland in January.

The vessel is built in Spain and is 61,4 metres long with a 16,3 metre beam and is 2896 gross tonnes. The main engine is a MAN that together with the auxiliary engine provides 3700 KW to the propeller. The vessel is specially designed for marine research in Greenlandic waters, it is fully ice-strengthened and is one of the best equipped vessels of its kind. Furthermore it can trawl to a depth of 2300 metres

Tarajoq’s skipper Rúni Niclasen

Tarajoq has three different Vónin trawls on board
Trawls for different fish species

Tarajoq will be doing different tests and trials in various places, but there are some fish species on which they expect to focus most of the time and effort. These are demersal species shrimp, cod and Greenland halibut, and pelagic species herring, mackerel and capelin.

To carry out research on these fish species, they need to have trawls that are made for the job. Therefore Tarajoq has three different trawls on board, which Vónin has supplied.

Great trawls

It is not by chance, or because the trawls are the cheapest, that we purchased the gear from Vónin. The reason is that we have great experience with these trawls, they are well made and last for a long time, says Tarajoq’s skipper Rúni Niclasen

I have fished with trawls from Vónin both around Greenland, Norway and in the Barents Sea as well as in Faroese waters. These trawls have worked well everywhere. Furthermore, Vónin provides excellent service for their clients. Getting the right equipment and advice is very important for fishing vessels, because every hour counts, according to Runi Niclasen.

Vónin wishes the Greenlandic Nature Institute congratulations and good luck with Tarajoq.

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