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Pelagic trawl

Dutch Pelagic Fleet rigged with Vónin 2300 trawls
Vónin’s 2300 metre pelagic trawl has been around for a while and has already proved what it can do for the Faroese, Icelandic, Norwegian, Russian and UK fishing vessels that have been using this gear. Now Dutch pelagic catchers have also been calling in Fuglafjørður to pick up these versatile trawls. Annelies Ilena was the first to take a 2300 trawl, back in 2018, and it has served them well on blue whiting, as well as being versatile enough to also fish herring. This year, three more Dutch pelagic vessels have been supplied with these trawls, with Maartje Theodora calling in the spring to collect its gear, followed by Margiris a few weeks later, and finally Willem van der Zwan...
No 1 on Blue Whiting with 2600 & 2300 Capto Trawls
So far this year the faroese trawler Arctic Voyager is the pelagic trawler that has the highest catch of Blue Whiting in faroese zone. Arctic Voyager has all year been using the 2300 metres & the 2600 metres Capto trawls and two different designs of Blue Whiting codends from Vónin. They have expressed great satisfaction with these trawls and codends. When fishing west of Ireland they used the the well proven 2300 metres trawl, but as the Blue Whiting moved further north the Arctic Voyager switched to the 2600 metres trawl, which has a massive opening and is perfect when the fish gets more scattered...
Willem van der Zwan goes for 2304 Capto trawl
Yet another dutch giant trawler has been in the Faroe Islands to collect their new 2304 Capto trawl. On Thursday Willem van der Zwan arrived at Fuglafjørður port around noon. Their errand was to collect their new 2304 Capto trawl from Vónin. Capto trawl was originally designed for Blue Whiting fishery, where it again and again has showed it efficiency and probably is the most used trawl for catching this species...
Zephyr rigged with fishing gear from Vónin
Zephyr with a new 2304 trawl with a heavy duty belly from Vónin. A returning customer Zephyr first chose to use a 2304 trawl from Vónin in 2017 and now they chose to get rigged with their second trawl of this model. Furthermore, the boat is also rigged with codends and Tornado trawl doors from Vónin.

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