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Invitation to SINTEF´s

flume tank in Hirtshals


Vónin is arranging a trip to the flume tank in Hirtshals on the 22nd of march together with our clients. We would like to invite fleet managers, skippers and mates from pelagic trawlers. We will showcase a variety of pelagic trawls, among those is the new and exciting Vónin Falcon Pluss for Mackerel.

We will showcase:

Vónin Falcon Pluss – The brand new and innovative trawl for Mackerel.

Vónin Falcon – Mackerel Trawl

Vónin Gannet – Blue Whiting Trawls

Vónin Seagull – Herring Trawls

Twister Smart Doors

Capto Pluss and Capto netting

Practical info:

– Vónin pays for the hotel and food during the stay in Hirtshals.

– The clients arrange and pay for the transport to Hirtshals themselves.

– We will meet at Hotel Skaga in Hirtshals on Tuesday evening the 21st of March.

– We will start Wedensday on the 22nd of March at 9:00 and finish at 16:00.

– The same evening Vónin invites to a dinner in front of the big aquarium at The North Sea Ocenarium.

– We travel back home on Thursday the 23rd of March.

The event is for invited only and requires registration as there is a limited number of space.

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