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Remøy equipped with Storm trawl doors

Norwegian trawler Remøy equipped with Vónin Storm trawl doors.
Norwegian trawler Remøy

We have used these doors for one season and I can say without doubt these are the best doors I have ever used for fishing shrimp.

I can recommend them wholeheartedly. But if you’re thinking of switching to Vónin’s Storm doors, then you’ll have to go down a size as these doors have a better spread than any others I have used over the last thirty years.

The Storm trawl doors turned out to be extremely stable, and we have been able to tow as slowly as we want, going down to a towing speed as low as 2.1 knots. Even when we lost towing speed because of sea ice or bad weather, the doors remained stable and didn’t fall over.

Henning Flusund, skipper F/TR Remøy

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