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Bird Nets

Crafted for flexibility, strength, and light handling

In all shapes and sizes

The Bird Nets add a top layer of protection to the fish farm. We manufacture bird nets made from Dyneema and polyethylene for all types and sizes of cages. The nets are carefully crafted for flexibility, strength, and light handling. The nets can be made as a single top panel or a top panel mounted with side panels.

Advantages with a Dyneema bird net

With a Dyneema bird net you can have an ultra thin twine and still have a strong net. This means the bird net is:

Bird nets over a fishfarm

Light weight

Simple to install and operate

High quality and great durability

Less burdened by snow and frost

Less vulnerable to wind

Bird net poles

We also stock bird net poles. The flexible poles are fitted with specially made tops to facilitate the mounting of the bird nets.

Bird nets up close

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