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Polar Nataarnaq collecting new shrimp gear from Vónin

Polar Seafood rigs Polar Nataarnaq with Vónin shrimp gear

A trawler acquired by Polar Seafood to replace Polar Assik, which was lost in a fire on board earlier this year has called in Tórshavn to collect its new shrimp gear, before heading for Greenland.

The 3280kW Polar Nataarnaq has been supplied with a complete Vónin package, with 3000 mesh Vónin 2014 trawls rigged on rockhopper footropes, codends and a pair of 11.5 square metre Storm doors. The shrimp grids will be collected from Vónin’s Nuuk branch on arrival in Greenland.

Skipper Kristen Højgaard took Polar Nataarnaq for a short trial trip to test the twin-rig trawl gear before setting course for Greenland.

Built as Ocean Castle in 1989 at the Skála Skipasmiðja (now Mest) in the Faroe Islands, the 73 metre, 13 metre breadth trawler subsequently sailed as Napoleon and Friðborg before being sold to overseas owners and was most recently the UK-registered Norma Mary.

Since being acquired by Polar Seafood, it has been at the Orskov Yard in Fredrikshavn for a refit including the installation of a new Intech shrimp processing factory deck.

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