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Russian factory trawler Mekhanik Sergey Agapov in Fuglafjørður, Faroe Islands

Mekhanik Sergey Agapov opted for Tornado again

Arriving directly from Kirkenes the Russian pelagic factory trawler Mekhanik Sergey Agapov came to Fuglafjørður harbour to take onboard their new set of Tornado trawl doors. Mekhanik Sergey Agapov has been using Tornado trawl doors since 2018, and the results have been so satisfactory that they have opted again for a new set of Tornado.

Some of the features of the Tornado doors are the high lift they generate and the ability to turn more aggressive, while maintaining the shape of the trawl.

Mekhanik Sergey Agapov was built in 2014 and has an overall length of 115 metres and a beam of 20,5 metres. The russian trawler will now be targeting Blue Whiting.

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