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Semi-pelagic trawls


Alongside its traditional skills, Vónin’s experience is that using quality materials also pays off in the long term. Cheaper options can always be found, but finding alternatives that are stronger or harderwearing is a very different challenge and Vónin uses a selected group of suppliers for everything from netting to ropes, chain and other hardware.


Vónin has always taken pride in its netloft skills. This is the craftsmanship that even in this age of automation can’t be replaced, as there’s no substitute for the skills that come from long experience and paying attention to detail – taking care to ensure that no corners are cut. Many years of experience and close collaboration with fishermen across numerous fisheries have shown that time spent getting it right on the netloft floor is never wasted – as this pays dividends later. The more care taken at the start, the less time deck crews need to spend patching and fixing gear on board.

Tailor made solutions

The versatility of the Super Height is such that the design can be tailored to suit each fishing vessel. The fundamental design can be scaled to suit the towing power available, while the rig can also be adjusted to fit the deck layout. Each Super Height trawl is rigged to fit the trawl lanes on board or the available net drum capacity, and the materials used in construction are at the customer’s discretion, with options for netting types.

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