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Vónin Purse Seine Nets

Ensure fast and efficient fishing

High quality purse seine nets

Our purse seine nets are subject to the harsh environment of the North Atlantic Ocean and are well known for their robust strength as well as their stability and the capacity to hold their shape over time. The feedback from our customers state that the skippers are very happy with both the fishing abilities and the quality of our nets.

Norðborg is using Vónin’s Capelin purse seine

“We have been using this Capelin purse seine, designed and made by Vónin, since 2014 and I highly recommend it.”

Jón Rasmussen, skipper of Norðborg
Vónin’s 3 types of purse seine nets are made for:

Mackerel and Herring



Optimized design

Vónin purse seine nets are designed to ensure the fish pass smoothly to the bag. This is because the design has been optimised to eliminate tensions lines, which normally prevent the fish reaching the bag. Such tension lines can result in damage to the purse seine.

Fast sinking footrope

The footrope is designed to sink fast, which also is an important feature. When you have finished shooting the net, the footrope is already at its maximum depth, and you can start pursing right away, minimising waiting time and reducing the chance of fish escaping. This means more efficient fishing.

“It hauls and shoots very smoothly and we never get bags of fish in the netting, even when we are in heavy fishing. It’s a very robust net and it fishes well.”

Jón Rasmussen, Skipper of Norðborg

In the beginning of every year Norðborg heads for Icelandic waters to purse seine for Capelin. See the fantastic drone video, which one of the crew members has filmed.

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