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Mooring Buoys

in different shapes and sizes

Mooring buoys from Polyform

The Aqua series mooring buoys are rotomolded from polyethylene (PE) with an extra heavy wall-thickness of 8mm and filled with polystyrene foam (EPS), or polyurethane foam (PUR) depending on the application. The hot dip galvanized steel armatures and chain varies from application to application depending if it is for aquaculture, offshore, surface, sub-surface or other installations.

TypeVolumeWeightNet buoyancyLengthDiameter
AQUA 250260 liters32 kg228 kg113 cm65 cm
AQUA 400450 liters45 kg400 kg110 cm77 cm
AQUA 600620 liters55 kg560 kg165 cm77 x 77 cm
AQUA 600 PRE620 liters60 kg560 kg127 cm120 cm
AQUA 850873 liters73 kg800 kg143 cm120 cm
AQUA 11001130 liters95 kg1035 kg165 cm120 cm
AQUA 13501380 liters118 kg1262 kg188 cm120 cm
AQUA 16001640 liters130 kg1510 kg213 cm120 cm
AQUA 20002020 liters180 kg1900 kg228 cm117 x 117 cm
AQUA 25002550 liters210 kg2340 kg210 cm160 cm
AQUA 30003050 liters235 kg2815 kg235 cm160 cm
AQUA 40004075 liters285 kg3790 kg235 cm194 cm


Modular mooring and spring buoys

The APB-series represents a modular series of buoys, designed for surface and sub-surface use, rotomolded from polyethylene (PE) and filled with polystyrene foam (EPS), polyurethane foam (PUR) or other materials depending on the application. The buoys are equipped with hot dip galvanized steel armatures, 4 full-length hot dip galvanized steel bolts and continuous chain through the center.

TypeWeightNet buoyancyLengthWidth
AQUA 500 APB85 kg495 kg72 cm117 x 117 cm
AQUA 1000 APB145 kg1015 kg139 cm117 x 117 cm
AQUA 1500 APB255 kg1500 kg109 cm180 x 180 cm
AQUA 2200 APB280 kg2200 kg145 cm180 X 180 cm
AQUA 3000 APB400 kg3000 kg194 cm180 x 180 cm
AQUA 4400 APB590 kg4400 kg245 cm180 X 180 cm
AQUA 6600 APB890 kg6400 kg335 cm180 X 180 cm
AQUA 8000 APB1685 kg8215 kg529 cm180 X 180 cm
AQUA 10000 APB1975 kg10325 kg529 cm180 x 180 cm

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