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A cutting-edge analysis tool

AquaSim is developed for structural analysis of marine- and land-based structures. Most mooring- and structural analyses related to the Norwegian aquaculture industry utilize AquaSim to determine the capacity of the plant.

AquaSim enable us to simulate conditions at a given locality on a stormy day. Floating collars, nets and mooring system are all modelled. We enter current and wave data for the location and then calculate the forces anchors and cages will be submitted to within the safety margins required by standard NS9415.

Mooring analysis

A mooring analysis documents how a moored system responds to environmental loads. This is an effective way to reveal the capacity of the mooring components. Utilizing truss-, beam- and membrane-elements to render ropes, chain, floating collars, and nets, AquaSim calculates the nature of any configuration.

Net structures

In classical fish farm plants, the net is the only barrier between the fish and open sea. Ensuring sufficient capacity is of importance regarding fish escapes. With AquaSim, the analyst may predict forces in the net and associated equipment for customized locations and environmental loads.

Industry Standards Norwegian Standard 9415, Scottish Technical Finfish Standard 2020, Icelandic Aquaculture regulation nr. 1170-2015.

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