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Mackerel caught with 1680 Vónin Falcon

The Greenlandic trawler Svend C arrived in Fuglafjørður on Monday with a full hull. They discharged the fresh Mackerel for Pelagos before heading for Kollafjørð for discharging the frozen mackerel.

Svend C has been fishing in international waters north of the Faroe islands. They are using the 1680 Vónin Falcon trawl and are they expressing great satisfaction with the Mackerel trawl.

The Vónin Falcon trawl is built from Capto and is designed for targeting fast swimming spieces such as Mackerel. The Vónin Falcon trawl is easy to get right up to the surface and is made to be quick to manoeuvre into the right spots to hit the marks that are moving.

You can read more about the Vónin Falcon trawl here

The Mackerel was caught in international waters
Svend C on its way to Fuglafjørður
The forenet of the trawl is built with Capto
The trawl is where easy to handle on the deck

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