Vónin has extensive experience with manufacturing pelagic trawls for all types of pelagic fishing and our VÓNIN PELAGIC trawl is exported all around the world. The VÓNIN PELAGIC trawls are used from the North Atlantic to the South Pacific by many of the world's top fishing vessels for catching a wide variety of species such as Herring, Mackerel, Horse Mackerel, Blue Whiting, Red Fish, Boar Fish, Pearl Sides and Capelin.

trawls are designed and manufactured on the Faroe Islands by experienced specialists
, who perform their craft with pride. The pelagic trawls have excellent fishing abilities, are made of high quality material, are stable and do not lose their shape over time. The high quality and the solid workmanship ensure minimal maintenance. Vónin has daily contact with many of our clients. We gain experience and are able to introduce new and improved solutions quickly.


The VÓNIN PELAGIC trawls have hand spliced meshes in the forenet, to ensure a stable shape under strain. The material used in the forenet of the pelagic trawls is of the high quality nylon SUPER 12. You can choose between the regular braided SUPER 12 or the double braided SUPER 12. The netting in the belly and the codend is braided nylon or braided dyneema. 


We can make what you need — from a pelagic trawl with a high vertical opening to a wide horizontal spread, or a pelagic trawl with long wings. If you need a heavy-duty pelagic trawl that will stand up to strain and rough handling, we can make it, or if you’re looking for a light pelagic trawl to tow at high speed, we can come up with a design that suits your needs.

Contact us and get your own tailor made VÓNIN PELAGIC.

For further information please contact Jógvan S. Jacobsen on tel. +298 217 846 or e-mail