The VÓNIN BACALAO bottom trawl has proved itself a versatile workhorse that performs on virtually any fishing grounds. It handles well and needs minimal maintenance as it suffers very little damage due to its unique design, and therefore fishing can made very efficiently.

Originally developed in the 1990s by Vónin co-founder Otto Dam, the design has been revised several times, but retains many of its original characteristics, such as the capacity to be towed fast without losing its ground contact.

Practically any groundfish species can be fished with the Bacalao trawl, from Saithe, Cod and Haddock to Greenland Halibut, Redfish and Monkfish.


After many years of regular use, Vónin has produced this trawl pattern in a variety of sizes from a 270-mesh fishing circle net in 160mm to the largest size of trawl with a massive 1078-mesh fishing circle. BACALAO trawls are used on a variety of trawlers from the small inshore trawlers with less than 500hp and pair teams all the way up to the largest 11.000hp factory vessels, and Vónin’s customers tow BACALAO trawls on fishing grounds across the North Atlantic from Canada to the Barents sea.


The VÓNIN BACALAO is a firm favorite with Faroese pair teams fishing primarily on Saithe, but is also widely used for both single and multi-rig trawling.

Netting used for the VÓNIN BACALAO are PET, Euroline, Premium, Premium Plus and Euroneema(Dyneema)


Vessel owners and skippers have the opportunities to take advantage of the experience Vónin has at its disposal, with the trawls custom-designed and built to suit each skipper’s requirements and the vessel’s dimensions.

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